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brand monitoring tools

However, there are several other areas that you should consider. People will not always talk about your business directly. Sometimes, they discuss your industry in general as well.

brand monitoring tools

Whenever there is an update, such as a new follow-up or comment, Commentful notifies you instantly. Search for your brand on Technorati, then subscribe to RSS alerts. The platform also offers a social selling tool, called Leads, as a free add-on to all users. The tool uses social media trackers predictive insights to find people who’re asking for recommendations about a product like yours or looking for an alternative to your competitors. Listen to your audience Improve and build your social media strategy based on audience insights around your key topics.


Even a single negative review of your business or brand online can influence potentially hundreds or even thousands of possible customers. If you’re ignoring or unaware of what’s being said about your brand online, you put yourself at risk of having your reputation hijacked by negative reviews. After all, your reputation is a reflection of how you interact with customers, and if you don’t know how they feel about it, you can’t do anything to fix it. Your brand campaign can have thousands of mentions in a few hours. As a brand manager, you need to filter mentions on the basis of follower count, geography, sentiment, date-time, and even keywords in profile and mentions. designs to target individual users who might not be capable of paying for premium products.

Social media listening tools allow you to interact easily with your target audience and make you more accessible. Using Talkwalker Alerts is free, but if you want access to its premium Social Media Analytics and Monitoring Tool, it costs $700 per month.

Search By Keywords Across Media Types And Specific Markets

  • With Brand24, you can quite easily monitor your mentions, and also you can have analysis on your social media reach for your posts and branding.
  • Brand24’s listening tools allow you to look for your valuable prospects and you can manipulate them to convert as your leads.
  • If you are a social media beginners looking for a Twitter monitoring tool, Twazzup is a tremendous social listening tool for you.
  • Using the Klout score, you can adjust your posts according to your target audience’s interests and increase your engagement rate.
  • Klout rates you on your social activities and public discussions.
  • Klout is popular with its influencer measurement tool and is one of the most controversial social media monitoring tools.

Connect with your audience across social media and grow your online presence. Easily draft, schedule, and publish posts from multiple channels.

The tool gives you real-time alerts to replies, favorites, follows, and direct messages for seamless clientele interaction. And its quick reply feature allows you to maintain brand integrity by swiftly interacting with those mentioning your brand.

This could be a rave review, a friendly recommendation, a question in a forum comment, a negative social comment, or a full-blown complaint. They have a free 14 day trial so you can easily try before you buy. They have great customer services reps who get in touch and suggest amendments to your brand monitoring tools search terms and are efficient and speedy with any questions you may have. You can view the results in a variety of dashboards, or export to an excel to build up aclean coverage tracker. With NewsMeter you are allowed a single user and single keyword before having to jump to a paid package.

Let’s say someone shares a post, a tweet or writes anything about your business on the Internet. BrandMentions uses what’s called “social listening” to immediately find this mention, and tells you about it. Looking for a free and user-friendly brand-monitoring tool? All you need to do with this software is to enter your desired search terms, and you will receive notifications whenever someone uses them. Keeping track of print and broadcast media can be quite tricky.

An industry report slamming your organization has been circulating since the beginning of the week and your competitors have been laughing it up, splashing it all over social media. When AI-driven Social Media Monitoring is used with other Social Analytics components your brand thrives. You also want to be alerted to positive swells in sentiment – because these are the users you can put to work as brand advocates and influencers. This was the approach taken by FleishmanHillard when a real-life crisis incited a social crisis. Sometimes responding only fans the flames and does more harm than good.

He has worked in the tech, fitness, food, and hospitality industries. Keith helps businesses improve their marketing and conversion rates. Most Internet marketers will have heard of Buzzsumo, Noah Kagan’s content discovery software that has rocketed in popularity since it’s inception several years ago. The premise is simple; Buzzsumo allows you to find the most shareable content based on your keywords. Once you’ve added enough journalists and outlets to your Media List, click the Pitch menu. The Pitch section is where you compose emails aimed at promoting your idea or content to journalists and outlets. To send an email to the contacts from your media list click the TO field of the email composer and add the desired list.

Large companies invest a lot of money in public relations. Whether it’s with PR firms or in building out their own in-house communications teams, they are increasingly looking for proof that their money is being well spent. Media monitoring and analysis can help answer that question—and seeing what works can help direct future efforts and investments in PR. All this is to say, when you monitor your market, you can more effectively develop your communications so that you’re speaking directly to the people that matter to you. This might not seem like a big deal – aren’t all tools ultimately comparable at a certain level?

and one of our media monitoring experts can help sort through your requirements and help you find the right solution for you (even if it isn’t us). They can talk to you about your wish list of features, help you sort must-haves from nice-to-haves, and come up with a plan that can evolve along with your needs. By monitoring their coverage, you put yourself in a position to get out in front of any news that could potentially damage your own brand. Take for example an organization whose mission is to protect the environment in a specific region. Beyond monitoring their own coverage, should they pay attention to news about a nearby industrial operation? About business and real-estate development in the region? About environmental protection legislation in their country, region, or municipality?

Keys To Finding Your Brand’s Voice

No one wants to spend money to hire employees to watch every channel and read every newspaper to get updates about their brand. You probably do not need much explanation social media monitoring here, but make sure you keep tabs on when people talk about your products. It could provide you tons of direct mentions, which often carry great importance.

Top 8 Social Listening Tools That Do Way More Than Listen

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best social listening tools

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That’s our list of the best social media monitoring tools for the coming year. Each of them has its social media trackers own unique pros, so I do hope you’ve found one that’s a perfect fit for your use case and budget.

You can also set up separate fields for monitoring keywords and hashtags of your choice. In this case, you get access to Twitter’s search functionality, and you can customize the monitoring by using language and location filters, negative keywords, and date ranges. You can interact with the mentions on behalf of any of the Twitter accounts you connected to the app. Linkfluence provides social data analysis for big corporations. Besides monitoring your brand, it’s able to reveal words associated with your brand and understand their importance and impact, as well as analyze your competitors’ most used hashtags and topics. Recently acquired by Brandwatch, BuzzSumo is unique because of its emphasis on content and influencer marketing.

Awario live support team is ready to show you the ins and outs of the app, even if you don’t have a paid subscription plan. Now that we’re clear on the benefits of social media monitoring, let’s see what the best apps for social listening are.

A distinctive advantage that can be ascribed to Hootsuite is the possibility to measure social ROI, and make more confident marketing decisions. The tool offers detailed, real time analytics of your performance on social networks, and follows closely how different users interact with your content. Zoho Social’s Search and Monitoring tools help best social listening tools discover new business prospects and track competitors, hashtags and events, and then save those for future reference. Users will also get a Brand Inbox that stores all of their messages and conversations, regardless of the social network in question. Google employs one of the easiest social media tracking methodologies known as Alerts.

Social media monitoring can take many forms and track keywords, hashtags, and mentions of a specific user. It can also take place on one social network or across several. Mention monitors the entire web, including sites like Yelp,, Trip Advisor, and Amazon. This is crucial because you’re able to compare your competition’s social strategies. However, the downside of Mention is that the pricing is a bit steep if you’re a small company and it has strict limitations in pricing; starting at $29 you only receive 2 alerts and 3,000 mentions for 1 user. Social media is another playing field of customer service. About 59% of Americans agree that customer service via social media is more efficient to get questions and concerns resolved.

Here are our top 3 picks for every budget and company size. By using the tool’s Virality Map and Smart Team analytics, you can replicate top-performing social media campaigns and collaborate with influencers with proven engagement records. Talkwalker has you covered on all things related to brand and reputation management, crisis scenarios very much included. On top of social media monitoring, you also get to monitor and grow your backlink profile. Needless to say, Awario has you covered on non-stop news monitoring and influencer research (industry, niche, as well as competitors’). Add to that speedy social media customer careand enjoy a steady flow of valuable social media mentions you can amplify on, boosting customer satisfaction and growing your backlink profile.

Influencer identification is how you find those users, and influencer management features are what you use to sort those key users into groups and lists for targeted campaigns. Awario collects mentions about your brand, service, or any other keyword across social media, the Web, news, or blogs. It may also be used as a brand reputation management or a competitor analysis tool.

If information is power, social media is one of the biggest power sources in the world. Oktopost specializes in social media management for B2B companies. What this actually means is that Oktopost is capable of tracking conversions back to social media engagement and enriching lead generation data with social social media monitoring media engagement and profile data. IFTTT stands out from this list because of its distinctive technology. It’s an automation tool which can be customized to do whatever you want . IFTTT operates in some kind of commands called applets, which you can use to combine social media platforms with various services.

  • This is one of the most common reasons companies use social listening.
  • Anyway, it still gives you a chance to eavesdrop on social media.
  • Businesses monitor mentions of their brand and products to track brand health and react to changes in volume of mentions and sentiment early to prevent reputation crises.
  • Social listening can help PR teams in more than one way.
  • First, it lets you monitor when press releases and articles mentioning your company get published.

Omgili, short for Oh My God I Love It, enables brands to search mentions on a variety of more niche platforms, including message boards, answer boards, forums, and other user-generated arenas. Brands searching for an ultra-intuitive social listening solution need look no further than NUVI Listen, a real-time monitoring software that supports all different types of industries and trends. Additionally, NUVI allows users to create and monitor campaigns with visualizations that display goals and strategies in sleek ways. The well-reviewed BuzzSumo is a content analytics tool that looks to all of the reaches of the web to find the deepest, most relevant brand mentions.

That’s why a great social listening strategy comes into play. It’s crucial to strategically analyze and respond to online conversations about your brand.

It uses social listening to determine which content is performing best on social media, gives you recommendations on your own content creation and promotion, and lets you identify content trends. The tool offers various ways of working with data including Demographics dashboard which provides users with target audience by age, occupation, languages etc. The themes feature visualizes popular topics relevant to the keywords you monitor in a tag cloud. Talkwalker is another Enterprise-level solution that fits big brands and agencies best. Just as with Brandwatch, it focuses more on analyzing social data rather than interacting with mentions one-by-one. Monitoring your own keywords and metrics is great, and offers plenty of data for your social listening strategy. But understanding your competitors’ metrics provides a fuller picture of the state of your industry, and where you brand fits.

best social listening tools

You could do basic social monitoring manually—checking each social network individually for mentions, keywords, hashtags, and so on. Plus, you’d have to create some kind of reporting dashboard to collect and share all your research. In this post, we’ll show you how to get set up for social monitoring, and highlight 16 of the best tools to save you time. But before we do, let’s look at exactly what social media monitoring is and why it’s critical to any successful social marketing strategy. Buffer enables you to schedule content – pack Buffer full of the content you want to be posted throughout the day and it’ll automatically send them through to your chosen social media profiles.

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