My buddy constantly picks bad, abusive, cheating dudes.

My buddy constantly picks bad, abusive, cheating dudes.

Q: my buddy of numerous years has over and over gotten into relationships with “bad” guys.

They cheated during alcohol binges, and physically and/or emotionally abused the girl on her, had been nasty to her.

She’d swear that she’ll “never make that mistake once again.” Months later she’ll have met “the many wonderful, loving man” . etc.

She never ever learns. Soon she’s ranting about this man, too.

My friend’s 39. She’s clever at technology and quickly navigated internet dating in early stages. She’s swift at enticing some guy to satisfy her.

She keeps landing in the same miserable situation of being cast aside by someone who’s been playing elsewhere all along whether it’s a hookup or a hot sexual connection.

I’ve known her since we had been young ones. We worry about her. How do I help my friend get free from this rut that always has her winding up mad and hurting?

A: Your friend’s stuck in duplicated situations of emotional and often real distress.

Some circumstances are plainly dangerous, including dating hardly understood males during COVID-19. Her anger, desperation and bad choices can secure her in serious damage.

She requires counselling that is psychological soon possible. It could be aquired online with virtual conferences through the pandemic.

Urge her to do the study to decide on an experienced psychologist who can diagnose the origin of her behavior. Read more „My buddy constantly picks bad, abusive, cheating dudes.”