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On OKCupid; We’m male. I do not send messages that are many perhaps 3-5 each week & i am attempting to be selective & remember to re-read a profile and write an „attractive” message. I don’t get responses that are many i realize that some ladies have a lot of unsolicited msgs. So they may be incredibly selective.

Therefore, somebody awesome reacted and I also delivered a note right right back later on the day that is same. Just examined: yikes, just a little over one hour. Now this has been 2 days & by way of OKC’s „last visited” snoop-a-matic, I’m sure she is been on.

So a) must I have actually waited longer? B) will she respond? (rhetorical: i understand we’m being impatient) c) the length of time must I wait next time?

I assume I possibly could utilize the time for you to write a draft reaction & allow it to sit for dispassionate review.

Present & related: simply closing interaction, callous as it can appear, in fact is the norm and possibly in fact is a simpler let down than „on 2nd thought not interested” message. Read more „Ask MetaFilter”