‘Dream Daddy’ Fan Art Sparks The Summertime’s Dumbest Outrage

‘Dream Daddy’ Fan Art Sparks The Summertime’s Dumbest Outrage

Dream Daddy has encouraged some extremely controversial artwork.

The hottest game on Steam now is a dad-dating simulator called Dream Daddy. We have not played it yet, because actually I never ever much taken care of dating sims, and another about hot dads dating other dads that are hot does not seem like my cup tea.

To numerous others, that is precisely their cup tea, and much more capacity to them.

the video game is amongst the titles that are top-selling Steam right now, where it really is pulling straight down a ‘Very Positive’ individual rating. Some gamers complain that it is too quick, could be a small buggy, and doesn’t always have sufficient choices, nevertheless the overwhelming bulk praise its charm, animation, and writing.

(As a quick side-note, let me mention that this really pro-gay PC game could be the current best-seller in the leading PC game digital storefront. Offered how many times gamers are roundly derided as homophobic, I would state this might be a pretty fact that is telling. Probably the video video gaming community is much more diverse, and less reactionary, than we are led to trust.)

In every instance, onto the controversy. Fan artist OhNips took the image associated with the game’s seven main characters (below) and created a variation for which these people were all feminine alternatively. She called her version that is gender-bending MILFS’ and posted it to Twitter. Listed below are both pictures.

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